Main location: 
Kęty, Poland
Investment date: 
Jan 2010
Exit date: 
Jul 2014

In January 2010 Abris acquired a 55,6 % shareholding in Alumetal in order to partner with its owner, Mr. Grzegorz Stulgis, in the further development of this largest Polish manufacturer of secondary aluminium alloys.

Today, Alumetal operates from multiple manufacturing plants and is one of the largest European manufacturers of secondary aluminium alloys. Its manufacturing operations have been expanded and upgraded under Abris ownership and the company now operates the most technically advanced production facilities of their type.

Much of the production manufactured by Alumetal is sold to the automotive industry – both directly to the world’s leading auto manufacturers and also to the many component manufacturers which have established themselves in CEE. Such customers typically require a range of aluminium alloys, many of which need to be produced to the most exacting of technical standards. In response, Alumetal has built a reputation as the sector-leader in terms of product quality and sophistication.

Alumetal completed a successful IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in July 2014 at which time Abris exited its investment.