Business and Industrial Products
Main location: 
Poznan, Poland
Investment date: 
Jun 2015
Abris contact: 

In April 2016, Abris completed a series of acquisitions to create the largest independent premium packaging producer in the CEE region - DOT2DOT Premium Packaging Group. DOT2DOT combines a number of leading Polish packaging manufacturers which have long-established reputations for successfully executing the most complex packaging projects including processed folding boxes and labelling contracts, marketed to all sectors - from beauty and personal care to alcohol and food packaging.

The Group was launched in June 2015, with the acquisition of Graf-Poz, a Poznan-based manufacturer of paperboard premium packaging, offering a range of quality products produced from highly flexible and efficient production facilities. The Company and its management provided a strong platform for consolidating a number of complementary businesses into a single, major supplier of premium packaging products to blue-chip clients.

In December 2015, Abris completed the acquisition of Chemes near Poznan, a producer of printed labels targeted at the same category of clients. Both Graf Poz and Chemes are located within a short distance from each other, affording the opportunity to cooperate closely in offering clients a one‐stop‐shop for a comprehensive bundle of products.

An additional two acquisitions were completed by DOT2DOT in April 2016 to further widen the group’s product offering and to strengthen its competitive position. The companies acquired were Druk Markuszewscy (based in Gdansk) and DRUKPOL (based in Sulejowek, near Warsaw).