Main location: 
Buzău, Romania
Investment date: 
Jul 2016

In July 2016, Abris acquired majority control of Green Group, the largest integrated recycling group in South-Eastern Europe. Abris has partnered with the founder of Green Group, Mr. Clement Hung, to grow the operations of the group in the region and to further expand its collection infrastructure.

Green Group is the leading recycling business in Romania and South-Eastern Europe, active in the recycling of all major waste streams including PET, electric and electronic waste (WEEE), glass and batteries. The business is also investing in the expansion of its regenerated polyester fiber production facilities and will, by early 2017, become the largest producer of polyester staple fiber (PSF) in Europe. The company is expanding its geographic presence and currently operates waste collection and recycling facilities in Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.

Green Group has created SIGUREC, an intelligent nationwide collection infrastructure capable of processing multiple waste streams. Employing high-end innovation and technology, and engaging retailers, citizens and communities, SIGUREC will prevent a growing volume of recyclables from being committed to landfill sites. Green Group aims to make recycling a normal part of the everyday lifestyle for as many responsible Romanians as possible. The main objectives for the following years will be the consolidation of SIGUREC collection system and the extension of the integrated recycling park.