Opportunities for Summer Internship positions

From time to time we have summer internship positions available for suitably qualified individuals.

We provide interns with an opportunity to participate in all aspects of investment projects during their time of employment. An ABRIS deal-team is typically small and, as a member, you will be able to gain experience in many aspects of an investment transaction.

As a summer intern you can therefore expect to be involved with the development, structuring and financing of transactions, as well as to regularly attend internal meetings, negotiations and due diligence sessions. The investment process can help you develop both the financial skills of investment banking and to better understand the strategic thinking of management consulting. As such, the intern positions can provide a valuable introduction to the private equity profession and its varied career opportunities.

Typically, a summer intern’s work will include research, financial analysis, computer modeling, analysis of competition, drafting of briefing notes and memoranda and assistance in the execution of transactions. The transaction experience offered to interns will vary from year to year depending on the Firm’s workload at that time. Typical transactions will include acquisitions, capital increases, divestitures, restructurings, recapitalizations, joint ventures and IPOs.

You would be expected to be able to contribute actively to our activities; successful applicants are therefore are likely to have gained (or to be pursuing) an academic qualification which is relevant to a career in the private equity industry. You should also be able to demonstrate competence in basic financial and computer skills.

Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of a Central European language is also helpful.

If you’d like to apply for a summer Intern position, please write to the address below, enclosing a copy of your CV and reasons for seeking the position.

Abris Capital Partners
Grzybowska Park
Grzybowska 5A
00-132 Warsaw