Abris announces a takeover bid for WDX S.A. shares

WOHO Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of the Abris CEE Mid-Market III LP fund managed by Abris Capital Partners Ltd., has launched a bid offering the price of PLN 14.88 per share. The fund has recently raised EUR 500 million from international investors for investments in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe and this is yet another investment project aligned with its strategy.

The subscriptions will be accepted from 8 January to 6 February 2018. The expected date of the share purchase transaction on the WSE is 8 February 2018.

WDX S.A. offers unique, modern logistics solutions, including the design and installation of integrated storage and transportation systems in warehouses. This is particularly important in the context of dynamic growth of global e-commerce, which would not be possible without the support of sophisticated logistics services providers such as WDX.

“WDX S.A. is a high-growth business, with a leading market position in the fast-growing warehousing solutions industry. Given the global growth of e-commerce and the increasing trend of subcontracting logistics services, we see great potential to further develop the business with its founder, Mr. Dariusz Bąkowski. Abris has recently raised its third fund, Abris CEE Mid-Market Fund III LP, with EUR 500 million available for further acquisitions” – said Milorad Anđelić, Partner at Abris Capital Partners.

Dariusz Bąkowski, a co-founder of WDX S.A. and Chairman of its Supervisory Board, added: “We are looking forward to the cooperation with Abris Capital Partners, which has a strong track record as partner to family-owned businesses. We look forward to benefiting from their strong financial backing, access to industry experts and experience in successfully growing companies, to help us further grow the business in both Poland and abroad.”