Waste Management
Main location: 
Mława, Poland
Investment date: 
Mar 2013
Exit date: 
Aug 2016
Abris contact: 

In March 2013 Abris acquired a 60% shareholding in NOVAGO Sp zoo (formerly “USKOM” Sp zoo)  assisting  its co-owner, Mr. Janusz Arent, in the further development of the largest independent waste management company in Poland.

Today NOVAGO operates four waste processing sites (RIPOKs) including 30ha of landfills and alternative fuels production plants. The company is also partnering with an external entity in the extraction of landfill biogas including power and heat generation in a biogas fired CHP unit.

Novago is currently processing about 0.5 million tonnes of municipal waste annually and is actively seeking to broaden its activities through:

  • Extending its geographical presence
  • Investments in new waste processing facilities
  • Partnering with cement industry – an important end-user of alternative fuels
  • Working on the development of  Waste-to-Energy plants.

NOVAGO is growing rapidly; today it is Poland's leading horizontally and vertically integrated waste to energy group.