We were established in 2007 in response to the significant structural changes affecting the structure of CEE economies at the time.

Like many of the best things in life, Abris was born from fortuitous serendipity - a happy combination of personal and professional relationships, an evolving commercial opportunity in CEE, and a shared vision as to how to best address that opportunity.

Recognizing the significant structural changes within the CEE economies during the mid-2000s, co-founders George Swirski and Neil Milne were convinced that the region was poised for a fundamental change in its business environment. They believed that a rapid expansion in the number, size, and quality of medium-sized businesses would play a critical role in the region’s future economic development.

A decision was made to respond to this growth by establishing a new private equity firm, targeting those businesses being built by a generation of entrepreneurs at the forefront of this transformation. The new firm, providing both capital and professional guidance, was designed to focus on responsible investing in the rapidly expanding, mid-market corporate segment of Central & Eastern Europe.

In pursuit of this vision, the founders partnered with two long-standing colleagues - Pawel Gierynski and Stephen Richmond - to launch Abris. The firm has gone on to establish a highly regarded regional presence with access to a significant range of opportunities.

The launch of Abris I in 2007 (€320 m.) was followed by the launch of Abris II (€450 m.) in 2013. With the successful closing of Abris III in 2017, commitments in access of the targeted €502 million have been secured. An active investment program already underway. 

Looking to the future, we are confident that by maintaining an intense focus on meeting the high expectations of our investors, Abris will remain best-positioned to help facilitate and make a meaningful contribution to the continuing evolution of Europe’s most dynamic mid-market.

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