Pawel Gierynski

Managing Partner

Paweł Gieryński is the Managing Partner of Abris.

Paweł joined Abris at its inception and has been instrumental in the developments of its activities across CEE. He has been focusing on structuring and leading an efficient investment practice, building at the same time a strong network within regional business communities.  His investment philosophy is based on two fundamental ideas: creativity and trust. He believes that making deals is not only about signing bullet-proof contracts but about establishing relationships that could lead to building leading businesses of the region.

In his personal life, Paweł draws satisfaction from backing multiple charity initiatives, in particular focusing on supporting young Polish artists through helping them find their artistic identity and empowering their ambitions.

Prior to Abris, Pawel was a Partner at Copernicus Capital group with a responsibility for the management of the Octava and Piast NFIs. Additionally, Pawel has held many C-suit positions including a COO of Mostostal Warszawa SA.