Backing Entrepreneurship 

The rise in entrepreneurship has been one of the defining changes in CEE since the early 1990s. The energy, creativity and tenacity of entrepreneurs has built new businesses, in new sectors, and brought employment and prosperity to the population of the region. 

Abris both supports and has benefited from this rise in entrepreneurship and we now see our future role as consisting principally of identifying and backing entrepreneurship.

Experience tells us that for any investment to be successful we must, at an early stage, establish a relationship of mutual trust and openness with the entrepreneurs and managers whom we hope to partner with. We recognize the natural caution any entrepreneur will feel when sharing the details of their business. Therefore, we communicate clearly regarding our enthusiasm for a new business and, importantly, about our concerns and expectations relating to its future.

In this way, we hope to ensure that targets and objectives can be mutually agreed and so lead to a true partnership, one capable of overcoming the inevitable future commercial challenges any business will face.