Main location: 
Warsaw, Poland
Investment date: 
Jun 2011
Exit date: 
Oct 2014
Abris contact: 

In June 2011 Abris acquired 100% of Siódemka, a leading Polish express delivery businesses.  Abris partnered with the company’s experienced management team (many of whom had beed with the company for more than 15 years) to buy out the majority owner and several other smaller shareholders.

Siodemka is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, runs 42 regional depots and delivers in excess of 25 million packages per year using more than 1800 couriers.  Such a network provides Siodemka with complete coverage of the country, offering top-of-the-market service quality. The business operates using sophisticated IT tools allowing B2B and B2C clients to conveniently manage their shipments online or via their dedicated smart-phone applications.  The company also operates a network of more than 1300 service points, further diversifying the service portfolio of ‘traditional express delivery’ by enabling customers to drop-off their shipments themselves should they choose to.   

In the light of the rapidly changing market environment, increasingly driven by Poland’s booming e-commerce sales, Siodemka was one of the first market players to focus on addressing the specific needs of e-commerce customers (principally, delivering B2C shipments) in addition to catering to the established B2B segment.  E-commerce is one of the most attractively growing retail channels, fueling growth in B2C shipments and providing the entire sector with long-term growth potential.

Siodemka was sold by Abris in October 2014.

It was purchased by DPD group, the international delivery network of GeoPost SA, a subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste in France.