Paper-based hygiene products manufacturing
Main location: 
Klucze, Poland
Investment date: 
May 2018
Abris contact: 

In May 2018, Abris acquired a majority stake in Velvet CARE, Poland’s leading manufacturer of paper-based personal care products (including tissues, toilet paper and kitchen paper towels) and the owner of the highly-regarded Velvet brand in Poland. The current company was established in 2013 but its origins date from 1897, including a period of 17 years under the ownership of International Paper and Kimberly Clark. Today, Velvet CARE can boast of having more than 20 years of success on the Polish market, with brand recognition recorded at an impressive 96% among Poles.

Shortly before Abris’ acquisition, Velvet CARE completed a major capital expenditure program, acquiring one of the most modern tissue paper machines in CEE, which substantially increased its production capacity. Abris partnered with company’s management to continue organic growth, while seeking to acquire other attractive tissue businesses in the region.  

Velvet CARE has more than 500 employees based either at its manufacturing facility in Klucze or at its commercial office in Warsaw. The company’s products are currently sold in 15 countries.